Synthetic Reclaim Rubber

Promising long shell life and low maintenance, Butyl Reclaim Rubber is highly in demand by various industries. The product serves as the main part and component of inner auto tubes, cables, rubber flaps, tapes and sealants. This rubber can be recycled from rubber tube scrap. Purity of butyl is ensured without the use of any kind of alien polymer. It is very hard and high elastic that leads to vacuumed sealing. Very less heat build up during the processing is required which has low thermo plasticity and commendable rate of curing. The product undergoes various testing that confirms it reliability of work before reaching out to customers.
EPDM Reclaim Rubber is a fine graded and known product of SNR Reclamations Pvt. Ltd. which is most commonly used rubbers having both general and specific applications. The product is highly demand and used in applications of automotive, construction, and in mechanical goods. EPDM rubber is basically M-class synthetic rubber and is an abbreviated form of ethylene propylene diene monomer. The ethylene content found in the product ranges from 45% to 85% which means higher ethylene composition gives the higher the loading possibilities of the polymer, better mixing, and extrusion. It is known for its characteristic of resisting temperature, heat, ozone and weather and has commendable insulating properties. The rubber also resistant towards steam and polar substances.

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