Natural Reclaim Rubber

SNR Reclamations Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and offers qualitative rubber which is vastly used in making truck Tyre, tread rubber, Rubber Moldings. The grade of this rubber is recommended for tubes and tyre of each and every kind of vehicles. The product ensures maximum flexibility along with being durable and robust at the same time. The black colored rubber is prepared under heating treatment and is combined with several chemical agents to change its properties for the good. Reclaim rubber attains the real and original plasticity, allowing the same to be compounded, processed and revulcanised. The product is known for its distinct property of mixing and extruding in fastest period of time. It has consistent blemish strength and can be availed in wide range which makes it a perfect choice fort rubber mats and battery containers.

High Tensile Reclaim Rubber is one of the most traditional and oldest form of rubber and is made using ancient process of recycling. Developing and improving the ancient way of recycling and manufacturing this reclaim rubber, company has found environment friendly technology to make and deliver the product to the market which does not use steam and hence does not emit any kind of foul smell and emission. With the help of this specific technology tensile is attained in very high value which ranges from 7 to 10 mpa. The product is ideal t be used in variety of end products and applications without including carbon black. Another feature of High Tensile Reclaim Rubber is its cost advantage is high and commendable.
The company provides wide range of rubber products which are useful in each and every field and industry. The category includes variety of product sunder it like; tubes, Tyre, belts, molded rubber goods, rubber footwear, Tyre threads, Tyre piles etc. The composition of these products make them very flexible and durable to attain any desired shape and carving. The are known for their widest operating and sustaining temperatures and heat en durability, he product is very efficient to endure extreme conditions and pressure. The Tyre made from it are capable of enduring sudden friction without being affected physically or chemically. Rubber Products are resistant to ozone, water and heat and has very high abrasion tensile.

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